Sustainability Subject Swap – completed minigame

Sustainability Subject Swap

During this playful activity, teachers from different subjects work together to generate creative ideas for sustainability teaching. The game is specifically intended to support teachers directly, recognising that top-down approaches to sustainability in classrooms are often slow, and that many teachers are extremely motivated to bring sustainability ideas into their classrooms, but might lack time, energy or other resources needed to do it.

It aims to help overcome the barriers of heavy workloads and compartmentalisation by showing that something can be achieved together in a short time, and by connecting teachers into new, supportive networks, so that they can progress their sustainability teaching faster than would be possible with a top-down approach.

This playful activity fits into the ACT change model Step 4 – Enactment.

Full instructions for the activity and a Design Guide document are here:

Instructional design

The primary desired change was “To persuade colleagues in my school and beyond to engage with sustainability no matter what their subject or what age of pupil they teach” which falls under several of the ACT priority areas but is particularly relevant to Acting as agents of change within the confines of existing heavy workloads.

Instructional design is focused mainly on getting teachers to work on each others’ problems, in order to create a sense of common responsibility and to make a start on incorporating sustainability so that teachers feel empowered to continue.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Recognise sustainability teaching as an important common responsibility
  • Feel able and motivated to teach sustainability
  • Be aware of materials available online and apply these
  • Support each other to build sustainability into teaching
Desired Learning Behaviour
  • Recognise that teaching sustainability is teachers’ responsibility and use the resources that are available to fulfil this in the classroom.

All of the other ACT games can be accessed (when ready) from this page: ACT Minigames

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