Take Memories, Leave Footprints – completed minigame

Take Memories, Leave Footprints

This playful activity helps to increase the benefit and demonstrate the value of outdoor learning within the whole school curriculum by the collaborative co-creation of an artwork on school grounds which links the use of an outdoor learning space with the conventional school setting.

The overall purpose of this game is to help integrate and recognise a change activity within the whole school curriculum.

The game is specifically intended to support using nature to help both wellbeing and learning in a different sort of school environment and increasing experienced connection to nature and environmental issues whilst building on real life skills.

It fits into the ACT change model Step 4 – Enactment.

Full instructions for the game are here:

Instructional design

The primary desired change is “To have health and wellbeing connected to our garden an integral and valued part of school community life” which falls under several of the ACT priority areas but is particularly relevant to Addressing the perception of change as ‘too risky’.

Instructional design focussed primary on communication between different groups (pupils, staff, leadership, parents) and the collaborative modelling and recognition of good practice, leading to an explicit association of the outdoor activities with their benefits. The form taken combines physical engagement with the outdoor space with cognitive reflection leading to a creative and/or emotional response to the activity.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Health and Wellbeing connected to our garden is understood and supported by senior management
  • Staff and parents see the benefits of the garden-based activities
  • Pupils have an increased sense of ownership over the garden
  • Due to a change the perception of education in its traditional form in a high school, there is no resistance to teaching and learning outside the classroom setting
Desired Learning Behaviour
  • To associate the importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing with outdoor learning.

All of the other ACT games can be accessed (when ready) from this page: ACT Minigames

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