The Aha Moment – completed minigame

The Aha Moment

This is an ongoing, gamelike activity for school staff, aimed at identifying potential areas of change in the school environment by gathering and combining information about the school’s current situation.

The overall purpose of this game is to help integrate and recognise a change activity within the whole school curriculum.

This activity fits into the ACT change model Steps 1-3 – Aim, Outcome, Action plan.

Full instructions for the game are here:

Instructional design

The primary desired change is to improve staff relationships and networking, as well as empowering feelings of individual initiative and collective action, therefore it relates to the ACT priority area “Communication and building relationships”. By implementing a “low hanging fruit” approach, it also provides opportunities to witness small daily changes executed in relatively effortless manner, thereby challenging the concept of change as risky.

Instructional design focussed primarily on raising awareness of how relationships impact on learning and other aspects of school life. The underlying assumption is that the foundations for positive change exist unknowingly already around us and can be illuminated by sharing information with each other from each one’s unique perception and perspective.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Building relationships to create change
Desired Learning Behaviour
  • To observe and think critically about the current situation
  • To combine existing information envisioning change
  • To collectively construct action plans
  • To carry out change in small, manageable ways supported by informal social networks

All of the other ACT games can be accessed (when ready) from this page: ACT Minigames

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