1.5Max Schools Summit – activities guide

1.5Max Schools Summit

This series of activities was developed as a 3-day event for secondary pupils to run at the time of COP26 (though the activities can also be run individually). Pupils learn about what has been done to combat climate change in the past, analyse the current situation and make suggestions on what the next steps should be.

The overall purpose of these activities is to provide a flexible and meaningful way to engage with COP26. The various activities fit into Steps 1-4 of the ACT change model: aims, outcomes, actions and enactment, in different ways.

Full instructions for the game and all needed assets are here:

Instructional design

Instructional design focussed primarily on making pupils and teachers feel motivated and empowered to engage with and critique the COP26 and the issues connected to it. The form taken is a 3-day international “schools summit” combining various activities which are also usable individually by single schools.

The primary desired change is “to enable as many people as possible to engage with COP26 even though we are still concentrating on recovering from the lockdown” which falls under several of the ACT priority areas but is particularly relevant to Acting as agents of change within the confines of existing heavy workloads.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Pupils can engage in interesting and creative ways with data relating to COP26
  • Pupils can produce creative, thought-provoking and eye-catching products as a result of their research
  • Staff and pupils have an increased sense of engagement with COP26
Desired Learning Behaviours
  • For teachers: to feel motivated to do something with their pupils to engage them meaningfully with COP26
  • For pupils: to engage meaningfully with COP26 and climate change more generally in their own families and communities

All of the other ACT games can be accessed (when ready) from this page: ACT Minigames

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