Pass the Cake – completed game

Pass the Cake

This is a gamelike playful creative activity, aimed at strengthening the social ties between parents, children, and teaching staff. The main tasks involve parents and children teaming up to engage in small creative projects (arts and crafts, cooking, writing, etc.) with teachers as facilitators, and subsequently presenting and discussing their creations in a group.

This game is about introducing social creative time between parents and their children, as well as between teacher and parents and across families. Expected outcomes of this are stronger community ties and higher likelihood of participation in similar community events, which contribute to improved community resilience. A primary desired change is strengthening or “rebuilding connections to reduce social isolation and reduce the inequity gap”, falling under the “Communication and building relationships” ACT priority area.

Within the ACT change model, this game falls under Step 4 – Enactment, since it provides a playful framework to facilitate social change.

It fits into the ACT change model Step 4 – Enactment.

Full instructions for the game are here:

Instructional design

The instructional design of this activity uses a hands-on action/task as a practical framework to open and drive freeform discussion among the participants, which is the main method through which the desired change takes place. Within the framework of the activity, the participants will need to make joint decisions, express ideas and publicly provide their opinion on matters, all of which allow for representation and familiarization among them. The activity is also intentionally loosely designed, so it incorporates free space to accommodate emergent behaviours and events.

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Cultivating a positive outlook towards community networking among the participants
  • Reinforcing trust and familiarity within the group
  • In cases of remote connectivity, familiarizing the participants with the technological means for digital communication
Desired Learning Behaviours
  • To take joint decisions between parent and child
  • To express and share opinions and suggestions in a group format
  • To take the lead and publicly propose a group activity
  • To take the responsibility of organizing and guiding the group through the suggested activity

All of the other ACT games can be accessed (when ready) from this page: ACT Minigames

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